Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Launches New Policies To Support The Development of CCEC (Part 2)

release time:August 3rd,2017

3. Focusing on supporting the high-level talents either Europe or the countries along the Belt and Road to make innovation and start up businesses.

  For the Nobel Laureates, fellows of the overseas Academy of Foreign Sciences (Academy of Engineering) which parallels to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Academy of Engineering), and companies founded by a top international team with the core technical expert as the team leader who once worked in the headquarter of the Global 500 or internationally renowned R&D institutions, besides a new office within an area of 1,000 square meters and free rental for  three years, they will also be granted the corresponding amount of financial support of RMB 80 million, 50 million, 30 million and 10 million respectively. The excellent projects can even get a subsidy up to RMB 100 million. Start-up projects of the famous scientists at home and abroad which meet the requirement will also be granted a certain amount of start-up capital and a less than 500-meter office space with free rental for three years.

4. Supporting services in an all-round way 

  According to the policies, based on their actual needs, enterprises to locate in the CCEC will get angel investment and venture capital from the Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Companies which stay in the seed stage or start-up stage will get an angel investment up to RMB 5 million upon approval of the Angel Fund. Companies which stay in the start-up stage or growth stage will be granted a venture capital up to RMB 20 million. If the enterprises obtain loans, the Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone will also give them an interest subsidy worth 70% of the bank’s benchmark interest rate for loans for the corresponding period and a subsidy worth 70% of the guarantee (insurance) fee. The amount of soft loan lent to a single enterprise is up to RMB 10 million.

5. Provide the enterprises with "one-stop service" and subsidies for international events

  All these companies and institutions can enjoy one-stop services including industrial & commercial and tax registration, accounting, legal consulting, and language translation. Efforts will also be made to improve the B2G service to provide enterprises with government services conforming to international practice.

  Venues are free of charge for CCEC to hold events involving investment, sci-tech, and trade, as well as international conferences and forums in the center. In addition, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone will give a maximum of RMB 1 million subsidies for each of the event.


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