Qingbaijiang Free Trade Pilot Zone Reforms Residence Registration System

release time:July 7th,2017

   To promote the construction of free trade zone, create a more relaxed investment environment and lower the residence registration threshold, Qingbaijiang District Market and Quality Supervision Bureau takes the initiative to reform residence registration system in Qingbaijiang area of Sichuan Free Trade Zone. Enterprises can freely choose residence, such as actual business address, trustee agency address, station number address, etc., and registration mode, such as "one address with multiple certificates" and "one certificate with multiple addresses", which enables enterprises to find their "home" easily. At the same time, the postal address can be registered as residence for the first time.  

   Traditional registration requires enterprises applying for residence registration to submit a series of place certificates, such as property right certificate and lease contract, which extends the enterprise registration cycle and increases enterprises' burden. After the reform, the applicant have more residence to choose, and application procedures and materials submitted are reduced, which aims to lessen institutional transaction cost and optimize the business environment within the free trade zone.

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