Sichuan Province Introduces New Policies to Attract Foreign Investment

release time:June 14th,2017


Sichuan Provincial Government recently issued Opinions on Policies and Measures to Expand Opening up and Promote Investment, in order to seize opportunities to integrate Sichuan's development with the Belt & Road and the Yangtze River Economic Belt Initiatives. While promoting the development of China (Sichuan) pilot free trade zone and Sichuan Tianfu New Area, the government fully implements the national policies to make service industries, manufacturing, mining and other sectors more open to foreign investment.

The new policies include encouraging foreign-invested enterprises to participate in major scientific and technological research at the national and provincial level, setting up technical standards, and supporting foreign-invested enterprises to engage in project construction and operation in the fields of infrastructure, public utilities, etc.

According to the Opinions, policies and measures under "Sichuan Action Plan of Made in China 2025 Initiative" apply to both foreign-invested and domestic enterprises. More attention is paid to attract investments in high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and producer services, and transform and upgrade traditional industries; foreign-invested enterprises are encouraged to participate in major scientific and technological research at national and provincial level, and in setting up technical standards. Foreign-invested enterprises participating in government's major scientific research and engineering projects will be recognized and rewarded according to regulations.

Sichuan Province supports foreign-invested enterprises to participate in Sichuan's project construction and operation in various fields in accordance with laws and regulations. It will gradually permit foreign-funded enterprises to invest in sectors only open to state-owned capital in an orderly manner, allow them to participate in the introduction of mixed ownership structure into state-owned enterprises, and encourage SOEs to engage in international capital and technical cooperation of various forms.

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