Huace Knight-Western China International Film Capital Project to Establish in Chenghua District

Chengdu Daily |  release time:September 12th,2018

    In recent days, the "Huace Knight-Western China International Film Capital Project Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony" was jointly held by the Chenghua District Government of Chengdu, Hangzhou Dace Investment Co., Ltd. and Qishi Daotong (Beijing) Investment Co., Ltd., which took place inside the headquarters of the Hangzhou Huache Group. Said project will revolve around film, television and media as the core, introduce eight major business sectors of "film and television headquarters, hi-tech movie and television production and filming, creative talent master, film and television festival and exhibition, film and television city cultural tourism, film and television supplementary service, film and television outdoor scene & holistic cultural tourism and film and television education," establish the three innovation platforms of "service plus," "technology plus" and "education plus," create a film and television industrial fund, and appeal to around 80-100 enterprises from both upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to set up their presence.


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