Chengdu Tourism Promo Campaign Held in Three Eastern European Nations

Chengdu Daily |  release time:September 5th,2018

    Recently, the "Kitchen of the World, Flavors of Chengdu - Chengdu Tourism Experience Center & Tourism Promotion Event in Moscow 2018" was held to great fanfare in the Russian capital city. At the event, Sichuan chefs introduced to the guests the theories and relevant historical knowledge regarding Sichuan cuisines, and taught them how to properly prepare authentic Sichuan cuisine. At the same time, the activity also included a Chengdu tourism photo exhibition. The purpose of this event was to promote Chengdu's culinary culture and enable the various facets of the Russian society to learn more about the Sichuan capital, so as to appeal to more Russian citizens to travel to and invest in Chengdu. In the following few days, the Chengdu tourism promo campaign would also take place in Hungary and the Czech Republic in varying formats to further advertise Chengdu's tourism and cultural brands and image, and to further advance Chengdu's reputation and influence in Eastern Europe.

    On August 27 Hungary local time, the "2018 Chengdu-Budapest Tourism Industry Exchange Fair" was successfully hosted in the Hungarian capital. The activity invited a dozen or so well-known local travel agencies, as well as the director of theChina National Tourist Office Budapest to attend. At the event, a cooperation framework agreement was signed by the representatives of the Chengdu Cultural Tourism Group and theECW International Travel Agencyof Hungary, signifying the intention to further fuel interactions and partnerships between industries relevant to Chengdu tourism and localHungarian travel agencies.

    Thereafter, the "Enjoy Chengdu, Enjoy Panda - 2018 Prague-Chengdu Tourism and Culture Public Promotion Event" was held in the Czech capital. Surrounding the themes of Chengdu gastronomy and panda elements, the roadshow advertised the non-stop flight between Chengdu and Prague, further opened up the Czech tourism market, enhance Chengdu's prestige in the Czech Republic, and strengthened Chengdu's effort in positioning itself as a world tourism destination.


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