The 2nd The ONE International Women's Film Festival Opens

Chengdu Daily |  release time:September 5th,2018

Between September 6 and 14, 2018, Chengdu ushers in yet another cultural exchange gala. The 2nd The ONE International Women's Film Festival, sponsored by a partnership between the Chengdu Media Group and the Beijing Luminous Cloud International Cultural Communication and Media Co., Ltd., will be held in Chengdu. This edition of the movie fest will be divided into four main segments, namely women's film screening, female filmmakers' forum, women's film script project venture investment fair and women’s film festival activities. More than 50female filmmakers from across Asia, Europe and North America will descend on Chengdu for the event.

This edition of The ONE International Women's Film Festival includes six units, and within the one-week span of screening, 36 outstanding women's films of diversely varying styles from ten nations across the globe will be showcased at five Chengdu cinemas, including Eying 1958 Movie Palace, Pacific Cinema (Wangfujing), and three Palace Cinema locations (Tai Koo Li, Capita Mall Tianfu and Evergrande Huazhi Plaza).


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