Chengdu to Perform Ten Major Innovation-Driven Plans

Chengdu Economic Daily |  release time:September 3rd,2018

    Recently, the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government published the Opinion on Deepening the Implementation of Innovation-driven Development Strategy and Accelerating the Establishment of a Key National Science and Technology Center (hereinafter referred to as Opinion), which stipulates the proposal to build an innovation-driven development system and mechanism, and explicates future developmental directions. The Opinion is also the first document to mention Chengdu's implementation of ten major innovation-driven plans, namely the basic scientific research capacity enhancement plan, Chengdu science and technology fusion plan, innovation ecological chain cultivation plan, corporate innovation competence improvement plan, innovation and start-up talents assembly plan, fintech innovation and upgrading plan, strengthening the city through intellectual property rights, openness and innovation expansion plan, science and technology for civic wellbeing plan, and the innovative culture cultivation plan. These ten plans include 25 specific measures contributive to reinforcing the supply of high quality science and technology.

    The Opinion explicates the developmental goal of accelerating the establishment of a key national science and technology center. By 2020, the objective is to basically complete the creation of a national innovation-type city and an innovation and entrepreneurship center with global clout. Further targets include the completion of a hundred major national science and technology infrastructure facilities and national scientific and technological innovation bases (platforms), the formation of more than ten world-class scientific research institutes, the elevation of ten competitive academic disciplines in Chengdu's higher education institutions to world-leading levels, the assembly of more than a thousand high-caliber innovation and entrepreneurship human resources, and the birth of a group of internationally influential original scientific and technological achievements.


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