Chengdu Initiates "Famous Enterprise Hiring Month" Campaign

Chengdu Economic Daily |  release time:September 3rd,2018

    The Chengdu Human Resources Service Industrial Park hosts the "Famous Enterprise Hiring Month" between September 1 and 30, 2018, which will collect hiring demands from about a thousand enterprises including the likes of, Amazon, news app Toutiao and Suning, with total job openings offered estimated to exceed 5,000. During the span of the "Famous Enterprise Hiring Month," there are offline recruitment activities every working day of the week, and job-seekers only need to make reservation one day ahead of time to participate free of charge. Each attendee may make contact with up to five hiring companies per day, and will receive interview result and feedback within 24 hours.

成都启动 “名企招聘月”活动.jpg

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