2018 "Panda Cup" Kicks Off Today

Sichuan Daily |  release time:May 23rd,2018

The "Panda Cup" International Youth Football Tournament 2018 kicked off in Chengdu on May 23, 2018. Other than the U-19 football team of tournament host China, teams representing nations like England, Ukraine and Hungary will also take to the pitch. 

Led by Cheng Yaodong, the Chinese U-19 football team participating in the contest trains over extensively periods out of Europe, and they arrived in Chengdu a week ahead of the beginning of the tournament for climate adaptation training. In October 2018, the U-19 youth football team of China will compete in the AFC U-19 Championship, facing Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Malaysia in the group stage, and surviving the group round is the "minimal requirement" for the young Chinese footballers.


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