Regular Intercontinental Non-Stop Cargo Flight between Chengdu and Frankfurt Begins Operation |  release time:February 6th,2018

  On February 4, 2018, a regular intercontinental non-stop cargo flight between Chengdu and Frankfurt began operation. The flight, to fly every Tuesday and Sunday, will be served by B-777F aircraft belonging to Lufthansa and will carry a hundred tons of cargo. This is Chengdu's first new regular intercontinental non-stop cargo flight since 2013. At present, with the shortage of time and space at Shuangliu International Airport, and under the backdrop of increased demands from foreign-oriented manufacturing companies and cross-border e-commerce logistics, the opening of this flight will effectively secure aviation cargo usage needed by major projects such as those of Apple and Dell and the robust growth of cross-border e-commerce. This new cargo flight will also be conducive to accelerating the construction of an international aviation hub and formation of a more comprehensive global industrial supply chain.


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