China and France to Jointly Construct Chengdu Giant Panda Ecology Creative Industry Park Next to the Panda Base

Chengdu Shangbao |  release time:January 11th,2018

  On January 9, 2018, the China-France Chengdu Giant Panda Ecology Creative Industry Park Project Cooperation Framework Agreement was signed between French company Deyrolle, the Guangdong Fangsuo Culture Investment Co., Ltd. and the Chengdu Culture and Tourism Group. This is the world's one and only new economic development project that focuses on the giant panda as the central theme and horizontally connects the green ecology industry. Deyrolle is in charge of the overall design of the project, and will specify the contents of the eight centers of the project by consolidating resources from France's most distinguished creative organizations, museums and relevant companies. The location of the China-France Chengdu Giant Panda Ecology Creative Industry Park is adjacent to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and will occupy a plot of approximately 5,257 mu (roughly 3.504666 million square meters). The first phase of the project will be comprised of eight centers: Natural Sciences and Arts Interactive Experience Museum, Panda Culture Intellectual Property Research and Development Center, Eco-agriculture Center, Sustainable Development Education Center, Recycling, Reuse and Regeneration Innovation Center, Ecological and Environmental Protection Industry Incubation Center, Eco-healthcare and Media Medicine Center and Eco-theme International Conference Center. Of which, the museum is scheduled to be completed in 2021.


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