Chengdu International Twin Cities Exhibition Opens, 200 Foreign Affairs Exhibits on Display at Chengdu Museum |  release time:January 2nd,2018

  On December 30, 2017, the A Close Friend From Afar Brings a Distant Land Near - Chengdu International Sister City Exchange Exhibition opened to great fanfare at Chengdu Museum. Through the display of 200 foreign affairs exhibits, this exhibition aims to manifest the history of interaction and friendships between Chengdu and its circle of international sister cities.From the unique tulip seats fabricated in the Netherlands and exquisite tin-made olive trees from Sousse of Tunisia, to intricate traditional drums from Kimchon of South Korea, rustic waka bowls from indigenous New Zealanders and mystical dream catchers from Canada, the myriad of exhibits showcase the characteristics of different people, amazing traditional craftsmanship and glamorous modern civilizations.Items curated at this exhibition encompass 56 nations on five continents, and not only are the contents diverse and meaningful, they are just as aesthetically appealing as well. The event will continue until March 11, 2018.

成都国际友城展开幕 200件外事展品光临成都博物馆.png

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