East Chengdu to Construct Digital Entertainment Culture Industry City

Sichuan Daily |  release time:January 4th,2018

  According to Chengdu industrial development directions and deployments, the International Airport New City in eastern Chengdu will take the lead in setting up a new economic industrial cluster that centers on the digital industry. Relying on the existing cultural creativity industry and digital entertainment industry in Chengdu, the Sichuan branch company of China Telecom will consolidate cross-sector industries and make arrangements for the Yunjin Tianfu project, which will be underpinned by big data, cloud computing and Internet-of-Things, focus on cultivating digital entertainment culture economy cluster and become a key entity in galvanizing the conglomeration of new economies.

  Zheng Chengyu, General Manager of the Sichuan branch company of China Telecom, explained that the Cloud and Brocade Tianfu project will adopt a "4+1" configuration in its planning, as in "four" digital industry functional zones of Tianfu Information Hub, Digital New Media Industry Cluster, E-Sports Entertainment Industry Cluster and Future Digital Industry Cluster, and the construction of "one" ubiquitous network city in the International Airport New City.


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