Traditional Sichuan Opera Incorporate "Foreign-Speak," 12 Foreign Sichuan Opera Performers Took to the Stage in Chengdu |  release time:January 3rd,2018

  On December 20, the finale of the "2017 Sichuan Opera Promotion Activity - Sichuan Opera and Foreign-Speak," sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal Working Group for the Promotion of Sichuan Opera Development, was held in Chengdu. A group of 12 foreign students hailing from countries including Venezuela, Bangladesh, Cameroon and Ethiopia took to the stage alongside Sichuan opera artists in presenting to the audience a fascinating Sichuan opera spectacle. At the event, the troupe of 12 performing foreigners became "2017 Sichuan Opera Cultural Exchange Ambassadors" and they will promote and propagate Sichuan opera among other foreigners so as to shorten the distance between Sichuan opera and foreign communities.

传统川剧开“洋腔” 12位外国川剧演员成都开演.png

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