96 construction projects begun at Tianfu International Airport in 2018

www.chengdu.cn |  release time:January 3rd,2018

  On November 30, 2017, the groundbreaking ceremony for the first batch of major projects of the Chengdu Tianfu International Airport New City took place at Sancha Town, Chengdu. Tianfu International Airport New City construction projects that broke ground in 2017 totaled RMB 33.1 billion in investment, and 56 projects including talents apartment, kindergarten, primary school and sports park will soon take root here. 2018 is the year of infrastructure construction for the Airport New City, and 96 projects are listed among the first batch of infrastructure facilities and supplementary public venues to begin construction. These projects, which will amount to over RMB 100 billion in investment, include supplementary facilities for the Tianfu Olympics City and "Cloud and Brocade Tianfu" New Economic Industrial Zone, supplementary facilities for the Chengdu Sport Institute and Civil Aviation Flight University of China, urban passenger terminal building for the Airport New City, phase one of the incubation park, green corridor of the Jiangxi River, green lakeside esplanade, Huiliu Park and landscaping for the area's guest reception zone among others.


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