Nine Jinsha Friendship Award-Winning Foreign Experts Show Affection for Chengdu |  release time:December 15th,2017

  On September 22, 2017, the 3rd Jinsha Friendship Award of Chengdu and Foreign Experts Conversazione was held in the Sichuan capital. In recent years, a considerable number of foreign experts have been invited and came to work in Chengdu, where they achieved significant feats in their respective areas of expertise, provided emphatic support beneficial to Chengdu's socio-economic development and contributed substantially to the city's foreign interchanges and amiable cooperation. Granted once every three years, the Jinsha Friendship Award was established by the Chengdu Municipal People's Government and the recipients are foreign experts deemed to have made substantial contributions to Chengdu. Nine Jinsha Friendship Award-winners such as British expert John Marsh all expressed their affections and sentiments for Chengdu, which many consider their second home.


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