11th China (Chengdu) International Software Design & Application Competition Concluded

Chengdu Daily |  release time:December 13th,2017

  On December 11, the final of the 11th China (Chengdu) International Software Design & Application Competition was held in Chengdu and came to a close after more than half a year of contests. After rounds of fierce competition, Jingwei Technology of Chengdu took home the ultimate trophy with its outstanding "seek-me mobile Internet positioning system". Audience in the final included over a hundred representatives from Chengdu's industry administrative organs, other software companies, institutions of higher education, investment firms, industrial parks and incubators. Competing projects and teams in the final showcased a variety of innovative ideas, novel business models, extensive cross-industry integrations and diverse array of application scenarios that garnered widespread acclaim from market and capitals. After many years of dedication, the competition has contributed considerably to the advancement of Chengdu and even western China's software service industry as a crucial platform for Chengdu in implementing its software talents campaign and in carrying out its plan of positioning itself as a world famous software city.


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