Chengdu Hi-Tech Development Zone to Implement "Golden Panda" Talent Plan to Forge Stronghold for World-Class Talents |  release time:December 13th,2017

On December 12, 2017, the Hi-tech Development Zone of Chengdu (CDHT) acted upon its "Talents Plus" concept and emphatically implemented the "Golden Panda" talents plan, which will position the CDHT as a "junction and node for cross-regional flow of talents" by 2025 and enable the Zone to fully assimilate into the global human resources network by 2035. As of present, the CDHT has already assembled more than 482,000 talents of various sorts, of which a large number have arrived to pursue their innovative and entrepreneurial endeavors. The efforts of these talents have yielded a series of scientific and technological innovation achievements including the likes of world-class 3D bio printing technology, China's first superconducting magnetic resonance medical imaging system with proprietary intellectual property rights, the country's first smart hand-held ultrasound device, the nation's first "medicine seed bank" and the world's first all-in-one VR headset, which are all monumental contributions in terms of Chinese proprietary innovations and regional economic development.

成都高新区将实施“金熊猫”人才计划 打造国际一流人才高地.jpg

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