Visit to the Urban Home of the Pandas, Israeli Volunteers Chenghua Journey Activity Commenced in Chengdu |  release time:December 13th,2017

On December 12, 2017, the "Cultural Tourism Chenghua Panda Homeland - Israeli Volunteers Chenghua Journey" activity officially commenced in Chengdu. In order to further enhance cultural interchanges between Chenghua District of Chengdu and Israel, Chenghua District conducted extensive dialogues and discussions with organizations including the Consulate General of Israel in Chengdu, the Asia and Africa Department of the Chengdu Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, and arrived at the decision to conduct the "Cultural Tourism Chenghua Panda Homeland - Israeli Volunteers Chenghua Journey". The event invited Israel's most influential celebrities for participation, including renowned comedian Orna Banai and famed comedian and musician Tal Friedman. This activity fully leveraged on the emblematic "panda culture" in promoting and advertising Chenghua, as well as boosting the district's clout as the world's only "urban home of the pandas". The activity utilizes the pandas as a conduit and maximizes their function as "friendship ambassador" to form a solid foundation for extensive integration between Chenghua and Israel and to build a bridge for in-depth collaborations between the two parties in various areas.

探访熊猫都市家园 以色列志愿者成华行活动在成都启动.jpg

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