Chengdu Locals Enjoy Polish Apples, Polish Citizens Indulge in "Chengdu Restaurant" |  release time:December 18th,2017

  In November 2017, Polish apples arriving from Łódź, Poland via the Chengdu-European Express of the China-Europe Rail attracted quite a crowd on Chunxi Road, the busiest thoroughfare in Chengu. After the Chengdu-European Express went into operation in 2013, this was the first time the Government of Łódź Province hosted a Polish food fair in the Sichuan capital. Governor Vitod Stepien, who was present at the fair, stated: "Not only has the Chengdu-European Express of the China-Europe Rail improved the convenience in the exchange of goods, but more importantly a rising number of Polish companies have taken an interest in the cultures and markets of China and Sichuan, with the hope of establishing themselves here. Over the past three years, ten new Chinese restaurants have sprung up in Łódź, and many of them are named 'Chengdu Restaurant'".


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