Chengdu Metro Line 10's "Most Chengdu" Poster Series Awarded Prestigious Design Award |  release time:December 18th,2017

  On December 3, 2017, the "Most Chengdu" poster series on Chengdu Metro Line 10 received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in Germany,  Considered the "Oscars" of the international design community. The "Most Chengdu" series distilled the four quintessential symbols of Chengdu culture - the giant panda as the city's worldwide ambassador and mascot, hot pot as the flagship of Sichuan cuisine, gaiwan tea as the emblem of Chengdu's tea and urban culture, and the Kuanzhai Alleys area as embodiment of the memories of Tianfu culture. The four symbols were creatively reinterpreted through hand-painting. Innovative hand-painting, creating a poster series that was distinctive, clear, yet accessible. Judges of the 2017 Red Dot panel commented that the "Most Chengdu" posters conveyed the unqiue flavor of Chengdu as a metropolis of the East.

地铁10号线 “最成都”主题系列海报获设计大奖.jpg

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