"Global Destination Cities Index" Issued, Chengdu Ranked Second Worldwide in Tourism Growth

Chengdu Shangbao |  release time:December 18th,2017

  In November 2017, MasterCard released its 2017 "Global Destination Cities Index," and on the list of 20 fastest-growing travel destinations across the globe, Chengdu came in second place behind Osaka, Japan. Chinese cities are fairly popular among foreign travelers as both the absolute number and growth rate of inbound tourists are looking optimistic. China also earned four spots on the list of top 20 cities worldwide in terms of international inbound overnight tourists. Of the top 20 cities in terms of compound growth rate of international inbound overnight tourists between 2009 and 2016, Chengdu recorded a climb of 22.7% and claimed second place, while Taipei, Xiamen and Xi'an also appeared on this ranking.


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