"Unicorn Island" in Chengdu Tianfu New Area Invites Tenders Worldwide, Massive Potentials Attract Investments from German Firms

www.nbd.com.cn |  release time:December 11th,2017

  December 5, 2017, the "Unicorn Island" in the Tianfu New Area of Chengdu officially began inviting tenders from across the globe for the overall design concept for its construction. Chengdu hopes to attract unicorn companies from around the world to come to the city and transform the "Unicorn Island" into a global unicorn magnet. Alexander Malcolm Fowles,Deputy Consul-general of Germany in Chengdu, has high expectations for the "Unicorn Island" and pointed out that Germany and Sichuan have had long years of in-depth cooperation. In particular, in recent years collaborations in areas such as smart manufacturing, "industry 4.0," automation, robotics and other new economic sectors have yielded many highlights. The incorporation of German elements in the "Unicorn Island" is now quite a possibility following the arrival of many German enterprises.


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