Lodzkie Poland Food & Culture Festival in Chengdu

Sichuan Daily |  release time:November 6th,2017

  On November 3, the Chengdu stop of the "2017 Lodzkie Poland Food & Culture Festival", sponsored by the Łódź Provincial Government and supported by the Consulate-general of Poland in Chengdu, opened to wonderful fanfare. Chefs from Łódź Province enthralled Chengdu festival-goers and foodies with bigos - or hunter's stew, a Polish national dish. Revolving around the central theme of "Eating in Chengdu, Tastes of Łódź," mouthwatering dishes were complemented by traditional Polish performances.

  Katarzyna Kacperczyk, the Consul-general of Poland in Chengdu, explained that this festival is a part of the 2017 Polish Days in Chengdu campaign, which also includes a series of Polish cultural activities such as architecture exhibition, photography exhibition, concerts and painting contest. 


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