First Overseas Promotion Fair for Chengdu Pilot Free Trade Zone Held in Singapore |  release time:December 7th,2017

  On November 17, 2017, the first overseas promotion fair for the Chengdu Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) took place in Singapore. Chengdu signatures and elements like the giant panda, Chinese and English bilingual promo booklet for the Chengdu Pilot FTZ and diagrams of the Chengdu-Europe Express Railway were showcased at the Fair. The Zone's four major zones, namely the Tianfu New Area Directly Administered Zone, Hi-tech Development Area Zone, Shuangliu District Zone and Qingbaijiang Railway Port Zone, presented their respective open policies, reform measures and latest updates for the audience that included nearly 200 Singaporean enterprises.

  Since Chengdu became a part of China's third batch of free trade experiment areas, cooperation between Singapore and Chengdu has led to a wide range of accomplishments. Between January and September this year, total value in trade between the two sides surged by 27.7% to RMB 3.18 billion, and as of present, 431 Singaporean companies such as OCBC Bank, IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group and Hong Leong Group have set up offices in Chengdu while putting forth USD 5.702 billion in investment.


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