Tenth Chengdu International Cargo Train Service Launched

Sichuan Daily |  release time:November 23rd,2017

  At 22:00 Belgium local time on November 14, the first ever Volvo imported whole-car special train of the Chengdu-Europe Express of the China-Europe Train took off from Gent, Belgium, signifying that Chengdu's tenth international cargo train service has begun operation. The 41-coach train carries 164 Volvo V40 automobiles and departed from Gent for the Chengdu International Railway Port via Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan before entering China through the Alataw Pass. The trip is estimated to require 14 days. After regular destinations like Łódź of Poland, Nuremberg of Germany and Tilburg of the Netherlands, this is Chengdu's tenth international cargo train service. The Belgian plant in Gent is Volvo's second largest in Europe, while the Longquan facility in Chengdu is the base of the Swedish automotive giant in western China. 

  After the conduit between the two complexes is connected, in the future Volvo's imported whole cars will cover the entire western Chinese and southern Chinese markets, while the carmaker's automobile spare parts and components will be delivered to the Longquan factory with higher efficiency. As collaborations between the two facilities inside and outside China continue to strengthen and deepen, the Chengdu-Europe Express (Gent-Chengdu) will quickly reach normalized operation, which in turn will further stimulate Volvo's capacity transfer, instigate growth in imports and exports, and augment partnership between Chinese and European car companies. Next, the Chengdu-Europe Express will continue its scientific planning to foster more international channels, further optimize current routes, enlarge its European network, strive to extend the reach of its international cargo train services into countries like Italy and France as soon as possible, and speed up the formation of southbound avenues to places like Vietnam. 


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