German National Tourist Board Annual Promotion Fair Held in Chengdu for the First Time

Chengdu Daily |  release time:November 20th,2017

  On November 15, 2017, the German National Tourist Board Annual Promotion Fair was held in Chengdu for the first time ever. At the event, almost 20 invited tourism industry participants from southwest China and representatives from airlines attended. The German National Tourist Board teamed up with 25 German local tourism bureaus, renowned local travel agencies, department stores, hotels, airlines, car rental companies and unique shops to provide the latest tourism updates for Chengdu industry professionals and introduced their main tourism products. Through showcasing German arts and culture, the Chengdu attendees were able to experience the diversity in German lifestyle.


  In 2018, the global marketing theme of the German National Tourist Board is "Culinary Germany," which is supplemented by a series of other fundamental themes such as city and culture, traditions and customs, and intelligence and luxury. 2018 is China-EU Tourism Year and the German National Tourist Board will organize relevant campaigns to position Germany as a diverse and robust tourist destination of superb quality.




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