Friendly Cooperative Relations Establishment Memorandum of Understanding Signed between Chengdu and Nuremberg

Chengdu Wanbao |  release time:November 20th,2017

  On October 15, 2017, a Friendly Cooperative Relations Establishment Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Chengdu and the German city of Nuremberg, which will facilitate deeper win-win cooperation in economy, trade, logistics, education and other areas for the two parties. Deputy Secretary of CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee and Mayor of Chengdu Luo Qiang and Deputy Mayor of Nuremberg Michael Flass jointly attended the signing ceremony and held talks about intensifying interchanges and cooperation in relevant fields between the two sides.


  The two cities will capitalize on the signing of this Memorandum as an opportunity to combine Nuremberg's advantages in professional personnel and advanced manufacturing with Chengdu's strengths in solid industrial foundation and expansive market. Collaborations in multiple formats will be conducted in areas like innovation, entrepreneurship, economy, trade, smart manufacturing, culture and tourism, while high quality education resources will be shared, innovation and entrepreneurship platform will be built together, and personnel exchanges between the two sides will be increased. These efforts will serve to promote full-spectrum and pragmatic cooperation in a wide range of areas while formulating a benchmark of cordial exchanges and partnerships between the cities of China and Germany.


  The signing of this Memorandum signifies that Chengdu now has four international sister cities and friendly cooperative relations cities in Germany.




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