The First "Chengdu-Europe Plus" ASEAN International Multi-modal Transportation Train Began Operation

Sichuan Online |  release time:November 3rd,2017

November 3, 2017, the first "Chengdu-Europe Plus" ASEAN international multi-modal transportation train began operation from the Chengdu International Railway Port. Transporting products manufactured in Chengdu and surrounding regions, the train will deliver these goods to Southeast Asia and the Middle East, signifying the official opening of the southbound logistics channel from Chengdu toward the pan-Southeast Asia region. International logistics conduits from Chengdu westward to Europe, northward to Russia and southward to ASEAN are now interconnected, symbolizing a new level of collection and distribution functionality in Chengdu, the logistics hub of western China.

Furthermore, the estimated 50 hours needed for the trip between Chengdu and the port of Qinzhou, coupled with the time needed for the maritime transportation segment and the transport from exiting the factory to the destination ports, add up to roughly 20 days about half the time needed by the original river-sea multi-modal transportation method.


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