Sichuan FTA's Qingbaijiang Sector to Launch Chengdu-Europe Express 566 in Six Months |  release time:November 1st,2017

  Since Qingbaijiang Sector of Sichuan Free Trade Area opened on April 1, 2017, the Chengdu International Railway Port has focused on positioning its "inland Asia-Europe gateway", issuing the first electronic business certificate, commencing the Southeast Asia-bound maritime-railway intermodal transportation and extending the China-Europe train to the cities of Hamburg, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic.

By the end of September 2017, the Chengdu's railway ports have monitored 23,700 TEU of containers, 210% surge from last year, and USD 1.08 billion in imported and exported goods, reaching 180% in growth. Chengdu International Railway Port processed 298,000 TEU of cargo. The Chengdu-Europe Express was launched 566 times, 110% rise from last year. The value of transported goods amounted to USD 2.85 billion, 510% higher than last year’s.

  At present, an average of two trains of the China-Europe train of Chengdu-Europe Express depart from the Railway Port every day, while on average one to two trains return to the Railway Port daily. Primary merchandises transported on these trains include household appliances and tools, mechanical products and lighting fixtures. Household appliances and tools occupying the largest portion of the transported goods at about one-thirds.


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