Chengdu and Maputo of Mozambique to Become Sister Cities

Chengdu Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (CDFAO) |  release time:September 20th,2017

  On August 30th, 2017, the initiative to build a sister-city relationship between Chengdu and Maputo of Mozambique was approved by the 35th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 16th National People's Congress of Chengdu, raising the number of Chengdu’s international sister cities to 34.

  Both members of World Organization for E-government, Chengdu and Maputo have maintained frequent exchangessince 2012 in e-government, education, culture, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In November, the two cities signed the Memorandum of Establishing Friendship and Cooperation.

  The next step on the table for the two cities would be to sign the Agreement on Establishing a Sister-city Relationship and expandmutual cooperation on infrastructure construction, agricultural product processing, tourism real estate development, hotel management, and scientific &technological innovation.


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