Time for Some Thrills!

By Carmen |  release time:August 31st,2018

Your nine-to-five job sucks and so does your life?

Instead of growing into a fat couch potato, why don't you follow me and seek some thrills along the streets and alleys in the city~


Parachute Simulation

If you want to experience the excitement of parachuting but lack the courage to jump out of a plane, you could get a feeling of just what it feels like to parachute in the sky.

The parachute simulation machine is in essence a wind tunnel. Participants can "parachute" inside this tubular passage filled with controllable air streams, which makes parachuting "the safest extreme sport".

Recommendation: Extreme Space Station at Happy Valley

Add.: OCT Plaza, No.16 Xihua Avenue, Chengdu

Price: RMB180


When the summer sun is high, what else is cooler than stylishly skiing down (or tumbling down) the slope? It's as gratifying as jumping into a hot spring in winter.

Recommendation: All-season Ski Slopes at the American Park

Add.: Junction of Jincheng Avenue and Xinyuan Avenue, Chengdu

Price: RMB160/four hours

Haunted House

If you want to truly unleash yourself and scream at the top of your lungs, the haunted house is a pretty good choice besides the high-octane and high-speed rides in theme parks.

Many haunted houses nowadays not only boast full-fledged storyline, but there are also real staffs dressed up as ghosts and monsters to make the scary experience even more visceral.

Recommendation: Chantong Ghost School

Add.: 5/F Number One City, No.1 Xiaokejia Alley, Chengdu

Price: RMB120/person

The followings are "battlefields" for the pros, not for rookies and newbies~

Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is a gravity-powered activity that involves riding a mountain bicycle or other vehicles down an alpine course.

Those that have ridden a bicycle down a paved slope understand how fun it is, and that gave rise to downhill mountain biking. Professional downhill bikers blast down steep and complex mountainous terrains on bicycles at speed of 50 to 80km/h or even faster, so the excitement is quite extreme.

Recommendation: Yangtianwo on Longquan Mountains

I learned from enthusiasts that Yangtianwo on Longquan Mountains is a magnet for downhill bikers who gather there every week, so it might be a good choice for any bike-riding thrill-seekers out there.

Add.: Junction of National Highway No.318 and Oupeng Avenue, Longquanyi District, Chengdu

Price: Free


The half-pipe is a structure where skateboarders can perform spins, flips and other tricks. It is absolutely a must-go destination for freestyle skateboarders and fans of the sport.

Recommendation: Half-pipe at Fenghuang Mountain Park

Add.: No.969 West Section Panda Avenue, Chengdu

Price: Free

Do you have other thrilling amusements to recommend to fellow readers?

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