Has Your "Baby Frog" Returned?

By Carmen |  release time:January 30th,2018

Recently, "eating chicken" or "jumping an jumping" (the former referring to Tencent's Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and the latter a popular Mini Program game on WeChat) are no longer trending among Chinese netizens, instead everyone has begun to rear their own "baby frog". The mobile game Tabi Kaeru, literally "Journey Frog," has no adrenaline-boosting arenas nor any score-based competitions, instead all users do are to collect four-leafed clovers, buy foods to feed the "baby frog," make sure to lay out some daily essentials on the table, and when the "baby frog" goes journeying once in a while the player might receive a postcard or memorabilia...

you can play, or you don't have to. If you play the game, the frog will usually be out on a trip somewhere, and if you don't, froggie will still go about its daily routine, travel, eat, read, write and the sort. To sum it up, this is probably the most "zen" kind of game I've ever seen.


If you have a friend that is into this game, you might encounter these scenarios

The "baby frogs" are always at home, and "moms" and "dads" would mumble: "Child, why don't you take a journey and go see the world?"

When their "baby frogs" are out and did not come home, they can't rest easy and say "the farther you go, the more I worry"

When their "baby frogs" send home postcards, everybody worry whether or not their "baby frogs" are lonely when traveling alone.

Produced by a Japanese game developer, Tabi Kaeru is only available in Japanese for iOS users and at present the game has already rocketed to first place on the App Store's free apps chart.

Renwu magazine previously interviewed the team of brilliant minds behind the addictive game. After dialing the "developer" phone number, purportedly other than the initial response of もしもし("hello" for answering phone calls in Japanese) in a calm and polite manner, the rest of the conversation was filled with strings of: "Ah! Ah ah ah! Ah ah...ah ah...oh oh oh..." Clearly, even the creative team was not expecting the explosion of popularity.


If you want to find a way to befriend a circle of Chinese associates, perhaps you should consider turning into a "zen youth," downloading the Tabi Kaeru game and breaking the ice by talking about your "baby frog".

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