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By LittleFrog |  HELLOChengdu |  release time:January 25th,2018

Su Tungpo


  Su Tungpo, a litterateur, calligrapher and artist in Northern Song Dynasty, was born in Meishan, Sichuan. This drama presents his career, poems and emotions. 

Time: 2018.02.07-02.08

Ticket Price: 90/180/280/380/480/680 RMB

Venue: Jincheng Art Palace

Address: 61 East Renmin Road, Chengdu

Stay up on New Year's Eve


  Here, you can acquire a strong sense of déjà vu and find the meaning of watching this drama from laughter and tears.

Time: 2018.02.02-02.03

Ticket Price: 180/280/380/480/580/680/816(48×2) RMB

Venue: Jincheng Art Palace

Address: 61 East Renmin Road, Chengdu

Empress Wu Zetian


  Wu Zetian is an unprecedented empress in Chinese history. During her 50-year rule, she made a lot of historic achievements that were significant to that dynasty. This drama makes audience has a renewed sense of Wu Zetian.

Time: 2018.01.28

Ticket Price: 280/480/680/880/1080/1280 RMB

Venue: The Grand Theatre

Address: 69 Kehua North Road, Chengdu

The Little Match Girl


  Retell the fairy tale that is very familiar with people!


Ticket Price: 120/180(Package; original price 120*2)/180/270 (Package;         original price 180*2)/280/420(package; original price 240*2)RMB

Venue: Working People's Cultural Palace

Address: 129, the Qingyang Avenue, Chengdu

Barefoot in the Park


  It is the most remarkable work of Neil Simon who is regarded as a genius playwright in the US.


Ticket Price: 100/150/180/280 RMB

Venue: Conch Art Space

Address: 6 F The MicX, 8 Shuangqing Road,Chengdu

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