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By Cheer |  release time:January 12th,2018

  Does it ever occur to you

  3 days left in the year of 2017

  Have you complished the "losing weight" goal you set in the beginning of 2017?

  That's alright.

  I'll give you a new year gift.

  To let you feel the power and passion of Muay Thai

  To burn more calories in the New Year!


  Hall, born in Rayong Thailand in 1990, came to Chengdu four years ago. He was attracted by this city which is as vibrant and friendly as cities of Thailand. He then decided to stay and started learning Chinese at Sichuan University. Hall has had a passion for Muay Thai since he was young, and like many other Thai boys, watching Muay Thai matches was his favorite moment as a child. Having benefited from running his own business, Hall gets an idea: Is it possible to combine my interest with my career?   

  Born a doer, he quickly went through the procedures to open his Muay Thai club with the kind help of his friends in Chengdu. After some preliminary preparations, the club officially opened for business in March this year. The club covers an area of about 1000 square meters, and is divided into several areas, including a ring, a sandbag practice area, shower/changing rooms and a Muay Thai equipment shop. In addition, Hall has recruited two professional Muay Thai boxers, Kru Art and Kru Yok from Thailand to settle in his club as trainers. It takes a lot of efforts to persuade them to leave home and come to China to work for him. Of course, their treatment in Chengdu is nothing to be “trifled" with: Not only are the two trainers paid much higher than in Thailand, but are also provided with full board. 


  When it comes to marketing his Muay Thai club, Hall has his own set of operation philosophy. In addition to the publicity campaigns held in neighborhoods around the club and on social platforms such as Wechat and Weibo, Hall frequently stages Muay Thai show as the leading performer in the many publicity events held by the Thai Consulate General in Chengdu, attracting a lot of attention for his club. Speaking of his original intention of opening this club, Hall says: "I want to train Chengdu people and make them participate in international competitions." And he means what he says. Pariyakorn Rattanasuban from Bangkok, Hall's partner at the boxing club and one of the founders of the well-known Muay Thai event Onesongchai, has nurtured 13 Muay Thai boxing champions in the company.  

  Since its opening, Hall's boxing club has attracted dozens of regular trainees aged from 4 to 40, and there are even foreign students from Korea, Belgium, Britain and the US. They come here drawn by the charm of Muay Thai to experience fearlessly the thrill and satisfaction from intense combat practices like straight punch, elbowing, knee kick, and swinging kick. Hall has also retained many loyal clients thanks to his excellent bilingual fluency in both English and Chinese.  

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