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release time:December 15th,2017

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Kesi Dialogue with Contemporary Art


Curator: Zhang Xiaotao, Lan Qingwei, Linda

Date: November 11, 2017–January 15, 2018

Venue: Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art (Building C1, Tianfu Software Park, Tianfu Avenue, High-tech Zone, Chengdu)

Kesi (a type of weaving done by the tapestry method in fine silks and gold thread) was born in the Tang Dynasty and thrived in the Song Dynasty. It was popularized in the royal court and among artists during the Qing and Ming dynasties. The incorporation of contemporary art and kesi originated from Ding Yi's 2007 series named Shi Shi.  The exhibition featuring combination of traditional kesi art and contemporary art and the encounter between Chinese art and Western art will bring a unique experience to visitors.

Audrey Hepburn: Always and Forever


Date: December 16, 2017–March 10, 2018

Venue: Chengdu Tai Koo Li

Address: No.8 Shamao Street, Chengdu

Price: 128 RMB


Those rare and precious items, fashion clothes, photos and videos of Audrey Hepburns whole life are on display in the exhibition. Including the motorbike in the Roman Holiday, classic movie original posters and unpublished stills.

LOOP - Photography and Video Experiments 

in Southwestern China since 2000

 回路 海报_meitu_4.jpg

Date: December 23, 2017— March 17, 2018

Venue:  Luxelakes·A4 Art Museum 

Address: South Extension of Tianfu Avenue, Tianfu New District, Chengdu 

Price: 20 (Early bird) / 60 RMB

The exhibition focuses on the latest works of 11 international southwestern image artists such as A Dou, Chen Xiaoyi, Fengli.

Peppa Pig Garden party


Date: 15 to February 25, 2018 December 2017

Venue: Chengdu Joy City

Address: No.518, Dayue Road, Chengdu

Price: 80 (weekday) /100 (weekend) RMB


Peppa Pig is a British pre-school animated film produced by the Englishman Astley Baker Davis. The story is about Peppa Pig's humorous and pleasant experiences with her families, which promotes the traditional family values and friendships and encourage children to experience life. Because of the simple animation style, humorous dialogue intonation and deep education meaning of the plot, Peppa Pig is popular and loved by children. 

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