Looking Back at Chengdu’s Music Festivals in 2017

release time:October 9th,2017

  The summer of 2017 is the season of freestyle, which, populated by the hits how The Rap of China, has swamped social media spaces, a rallying cry for China’s new crop of Hip hopvoataries. It makes sense, then, that last weekend must have been a feted time for this fast-growing bunch, as MDSK Music Fesitval, China’s large scale Hip hop music festival, galvanized the sonic space atat the International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park.

  This fall, Chengdu will usher in two more large music festivals - the Spring Wave Music and Art Festival and Western China Music Festival. According to the Opinion of Chengdu Municipal People's Government on Supporting the Development of Music Industry released in August 2016, Chengdu plans on prop up the music industry to estbalish its reputation as a music city. When 2017 began, the breezy song Chengdu fluttered thousands of music lovers' hearts. Then in the summer, Hip hop saw its renaissance in Chengdu. For music lovers, there are more opportunities to quench their thrist for diverse styles. So, wanna go to a gig?


Spring Wave Music and Art Festival

  Date: September 9-10, 2017

  Venue: Weiran Flower Sea

  Tracing its beginning to Kenting, Taiwan, the Spring Wave Music and Art Festival has become one of the largest outdoor music events in Asia after11 years. In 2016,the festival made its mainland debut. This year the festival has made its way to chengdu, bringing with it a covtedlineupwith, Jam Hsiao & Lion, Cheer Chen,and Escape Plan, encompassing multiple genres-Pop, rock, folk music, hiphop, electronic music, and more. You'll find the tune you love.


2017 Dujiangyan • Western Music Festival

  Date: October 1-5, 2017

  Venue: Dujiangyan Western Music Park

  The DujiangyanWestern Music Festival steps up its game this year with6 performance stages and an upgraded lineup of over 120 artists. This year's 5-day festival, promising a musical feast of Pop, Hip hop, folk, Rock, and Electronic music. More fascinating, boasts China's first fantasy castle-themed stage, a revamped panda stage, and the world’s first 4D screen stage.

Music Festivals You Probably Missed 2017


Strawberry Music Festival

  Date: May 13-14, 2017

  Venue: International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park

  Launched in 2009, the Strawberry Music Festival has been successfully held in Chengdu four times. Each time the festival trended on all social media platforms. Youth, fashion, and fun are the highlights of this year’s Strawberry Music Festival, which brings together heavy hitters from China and abroad. At the Strawberry Stage, Love Stage, MDSK Stage, Alienware-Myth Stage, Young Blood Stage, music fans of all stripes can find something dear to their hearts: Pop, Rock, Folk, Hip hop, and Electronic.


Chengdu Auto Music Festival

  Date: June 17-18, 2017

  Venue: Oriental Beauty Park

  Chengdu Auto Music Festival is a kind of standout because it is a Chengdu local brand. The 8-year-old festival serves a sonic broth rich in all flavors auto and Chegndu, fusing passion and speed. Your cravings will be satisfied at the festival, offering as it a panoply of entertainment from the best of modified vehicles from around the world to diverse concernt lineups to food showcases featuring hundreds of businesses from around China. Brace yourself.


Budweiser STORM Music Festival

  Date: August 12-13, 2017

  Venue: Oriental Beauty Park

  As the largest outdoor electronic music festival in Greater China, Budweiser STORM Music Festival is no doubt a carnival event for electronic music fans.  Dazzling stage lights dovetail with waves of electrifying beats to overwhelm your senses. This year's lineup includes Far East Movement, Al Rocco, Showteck, Swanky Tune, Curbi, and more.


MDSK Music Festival

  Date: September 2-3, 2017

  Venue: International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park

  After "Modern Sky Festival" and "Strawberry Music Festival", the MDSK Music Festival is a new Hiphop - themed brand createdby Modern Sky, a leading indie music entertainment company in China. Since the premiere of The Rap of China, Hiphop culture has gradually grown in popularity, and more and more Chinese Hip hop artists are starting to gain recognition. The festival features contestants from "The Rap of China", including Honghua Hui, Tizzy T, VAVA ,DMOB Desert Brothers, OB03, and six other foreign Hip hop musicians. Audience members’ immersion in Hip hop culture is complemented by graffiti and alternative skiing.

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