Let’s take a walk at the parks in Chengdu (Part 2)

release time:July 24th,2017

A good place for running

Jincheng Park: It is the largest park in downtown Chengdu with a large pool. The pool is surrounded by walking trails with thick woods and hillsides beyond.

Add: No. 56, Jinyue West Road


Jincheng Park


Bailuwan Wetland: In the park, the visitors can enjoy vibrant idyllic scenery featuring birds' twitter, fragrance of flowers and green trees. It’s a good place for people to go biking, hiking and running. 

Add: Shidi Road, Jinjiang District


Bailuwan Wetland

A good place for picnic

Tazishan Park: The woods in the park are dotted with lawns, pools, tower pavilions and pathways, full of natural morphological beauty. It is an ideal destination for relax and sightseeing.

Add: Shuanggui Road East Section, under Shuangqiaozi Viaduct


Fenghuangshan Park: The park combines natural hills, ecological forests and man-made landscape with the function of leisure, recreation and sightseeing.

Add: Beixing Avenue, northern suburb of Chengdu

A good place for playing with water

Donghu Park: There is a natural lake in the park. The park emphasizes the theme of “ human and nature” where various water activities can be held.

Add: No. 299, Second Ring Road East 5th Section, Jinjiang District, Chengdu


Donghu Park

Huanhuaxi Park: It is the largest urban open forest park in Chengdu with Huanhua Brook and Gan River running through it.

Add: No. 9, Qinghua Road, Qingyang District


Huanhuaxi Park


Lianghe City Forest Park: In the park, there are grasslands and flowers surrounding the water. Children can catch the tadpoles and there are tents on the grassland. It is a good place for people who like playing with water.

Add: Tuqiao Village, Jinniu District

A good place for bird viewing

Qinglong Lake: The green trees surrounding the lake make the park a natural “oxygen bar”. Various species of birds including egrets and larks sweep past the lake to the sky. There are also rare birds, Aythya baeri and cotton teal.

Add: south of the Chengluo Avenue West Section (Shilin Section), east of the Shuwang Avenue South Section, Dongdamen, Chengdu


Xinglong Lake: The Lake is a vast expanse of water with various species of birds sweeping past. Fishing lovers usually gather there. It is also a wonderful place for the whole family to visit.

Add: Xinglong County, Tianfu New Area, east of the Tianfu Avenue Axis


Xinglong Lake

A good place for avoiding summer heat

Baihuatan Park: The visitors can appreciate the beauty of fascinating bamboo forests in the park with novel design and elegant setting.

Add: south bank of Huanhua Brook, Downtown Chengdu


Baihuatan Park

Wangjianglou Park: The Park is dotted with willows and stone fences on the water bank, green bamboos at the passageways, towers and pavilions. It is quiet and pleasant with bamboo forests covering most grounds.

Add: south bank of Jinjiang River, Jiuyanqiao, outside East Gate, Chengdu


Wangjianglou Park

A good place for parent-child activity

Huoshui Park: It is an urban park for comprehensive environmental education which displays the life cycle of water in nature.

Add: Across Mengzhuiwan, Huaxing Road


Chengfei Park: The Park mainly consists of a vast pool, recreational facilities, an international science and technology museum and a botanic garden. It is an ideal destination for parents and children since the kids can learn something there while having fun.

Add: No. 220, Weiyi Road


Chengfei Park


Xinhua Park: It combines modern gardens with recreation. As a paradise for children, the park has a lot of recreational facilities. Various species of marine life swim in the aquarium, which is great to appreciate.

Add: No. 87, Shuanglin Road, Chengdu

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