OH! These Chengdu Museums Are So Cute!

By Cheer |  release time:May 23rd,2018

The other day, Sanxingdui Museum launched a series of memes named Ancient Shu Cuties Speaking Sichuan Dialect.

There are 16 images of Ancient Shu Cuties in total, including images for daily chat and funny Sichuan dialect.


Sanxingdui Museum has always been that cute. It launched cultural and creative products including cookies shaping like Sanxingdui mask and post office Little Bronze Man dolls of Sanxingdui themes etc., which all received quite good feedback.


Apart from Sanxingdui Museum, there are some museums in Chengdu that  are also cute:

The Stone Rhino, one of the best treasures at Chengdu Museum, is surely to be the top in the list ranking cuteness.


It has cultural and creative derivatives in different forms:


As a museum lover, I also find that the stone statues at Chengdu Yongling Museum resemble the Stone Rhino and look adorable. They may go popular as well if Yongling Museum would take advantage of their cuteness.

Last year, Jinsha Site Museum hosted an exhibition themed Heritage Zoo, and presented 150 (sets of) relics in cute animal appearance.


Not only in Chengdu, but also a great number of museums around the world utilizes cuteness as their attraction.

British Museum: the rubber duck


The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Blue hippo


The Palace Museum: infinite relevant products



Which one of the museums would you like to go to?

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