Ascending Silhouette

release time:January 29th,2018

It is the most direct expression of life, which brings the past to people as soon as they see it. It makes them recall, contemplate and feel their surroundings. It is images. Today, we are going to snatch a little leisure from a busy Monday and guide you to learn about the city you are living through images.

Kevin, born in Chengdu, is a photographer of Getty Images China. Since 2013 when he began to shot the views in Chengdu, many of his works have been used in Chengdu's city image campaign, and his representative works can be found in several metro stations in the city as well. 


"We are lucky to live in this city, to feel her breathing and heart beats, to experience changes and joy with her all together."

—— Kevin


Sichuan University Huaxi Campus


Intime City


Anshun Bridge


Hejiang Pavilion

Raffles City Chengdu


Tianfu International Conference Center


Tianfu Software Park


Century City Road

Excerpted from HELLO Chengdu January Issue

All rights reserved.

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