Luyeyuan Stone Sculpture Art Museum(Mrgadava Museum) Buddha in Bamboo Forest

release time:August 4th,2017

        Founded in the beginning of 2000, the Museum has collected more than 1,000 pieces of ancient Buddhist stone sculptures along the Southern Silk Road. The museum was designed by Liu Jiakun, one of the most famous local architects. So visitors usually first pay attention to the exterior design of the buildings. The square concrete walls of the two open exhibition halls, Shifang Hall and Sanshi Hall, are built with giant livid stones, which is impliedly in concert with the character of the classic stone sculptures. The grooves and crevices among the walls are embedded with glasses, leaving space for the natural lighting that has been exceptionally commended by the public. The architect's unique conception lies in other details; for example, the entrance of the hall is set on a gentle slope. Walking into the bamboo forest, stepping on the square flagstones and passing through the slope over the lotus pond, you will arrive at the first exhibition room on the second-floor. Then walking downstairs, you will enter the second exhibition room on the first-floor. It is said the architect hopes to make visitors feel like entering in a "basement", which might implies the idea of "concealing" in the oriental philosophy. 

        If you follow the right route and start your visit from the entrance on the second-floor, you will see Buddhist sculptures of the Han, Sui, Tang, Song, Ming and Qing dynasties in sequence. The sculptures' characteristics vary from dynasty to dynasty. Unlike other museums, the sculptures here are not guarded by glass. Without any obstacles, visitors can carefully observe every line on the weathered gentle faces of the Buddhas. Together with natural lighting, whether in bright sunshine of summer or dim sunlight in autumn and winter, the hall is always filled with an atmosphere of primitive simplicity. This museum was designed in accordance with the nature of the items exhibited within. It can be seen as a cultural architecture that can only be created when the founder of the museum and the architect have reached a certain degree of consensus. 

        Luyeyuan, or Mrgadava in Sanskrit, implies a Buddhist story: after Sakyamuni's enlightenment, he traveled alone to Mrgadava, the deer park in the north of Benares and delivered his first sermon. After entering the gate of the museum, you will see the first ancient stone Buddha near the bamboo forest. When passing by this Buddha again before leaving, you will understand that the theme of the collection in the museum has been revealed to you early.

鹿野苑石刻艺术博物馆  竹林遇佛 1 Mrgadava Museum.jpg

鹿野苑石刻艺术博物馆  竹林遇佛 2 Mrgadava Museum.jpg

Add. : Xinminchang Town, Pixian County, Chengdu 
Ticket Price: 50 RMB
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00

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