Officials and experts attend pharmaceutical summit held in Wenjiang

China daily |  release time:January 30th,2018

  The eighth China Pharmaceutical Industry Development Summit was held in Wenjiang district of Chengdu city, Sichuan province, on Jan 20.

  More than 400 officials and experts attended the summit and exchanged ideas on developing the pharmaceutical industry.

  The attendees agreed that Sichuan province has strengths in resources, processing, research and development and marketing in the field of pharmaceuticals and medicine.


 "The pharmaceutical industry is a sunrise industry," said Chen Fang, head of the Sichuan Association of Industry and Commerce.


  The summit provided a platform for governments, companies and research institutes to seek cooperation opportunities to jointly boost the development of the medical industry in Chengdu.

 The governments of Wenjiang district and Chengdu city also pledged to give policy support to attract more talents and investment.

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