"Water Science and Technology Exchange Conference" Held In Chengdu

release time:July 21st,2017

   To mark the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Israel, the "Water Science and Technology Exchange Conference in Chengdu" was held on June 23. More than 100 companies in the field of water science and technology from China's southwest region attended the conference.

   Hezi Bilik, President of "Committee of New Technology Project Evaluation and Implement in Water Affairs and Sewage" in Israel, made a key-note speech at the conference with the topic "Development Trend of Top Global Water Science and Technology". Later, related officials from Water Pollution Processing and Service Association in Sichuan Province and Water Conservation Branch of Sichuan Environmental Protection Association also made key-note speeches and shared their views on the future development of water science and technology in Sichuan. Four leading Israeli water technology companies made their road shows on site and conducted "one-on-one" cooperation with the Chinese companies. Both the Chinese and Israeli enterprises hoped to find practical and feasible ways of cooperation and valuable projects so as to consolidate and enhance strategic cooperation between the two sides in the field of water science and technology.  


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