2017 China Civil Aviation Industry Forum Held in Chengdu

release time:July 7th,2017

   2017 China Civil Aviation Industry Forum was held in Chengdu on June 28, 2017, under the theme of "ARJ21 Commercial Operation and China's Large Aircraft Dream". Over 300 representatives in the industry gathered together to discuss the strategic position of ARJ21 aircraft’s demonstration operation in China's civil aviation industry development and the strategic significance of pursuing market-driven development of the industry in new period.

   As an important component of the national large passenger aircraft strategy, ARJ21 aircraft project is vital to laying a solid foundation and exploring the way for large passenger aircraft project. The successful demonstration operation of ARJ21 is of remarkable strategic and practical significance, because it is a critical link for China's self-developed civil aircraft to enter the market. 

   According to experts, marketization is an inevitable challenge and process for a successful civil aircraft in its development. Manufacturers of China's emerging civic aircraft need to foster and generate demands, and to win the market and customers. 


Tips: ARJ21 feeder liner is developed by China in line with international civil aviation regulations and has proprietary intellectual property right. There are basic, cargo and other series models. Currently, Chengdu Airlines have bought 30 ARJ21 airplanes and have received 2 of them. It is expected that Chengdu Airlines will receive 5 more within this year. 

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