Industrial Internet Summit held in Chengdu

release time:June 14th,2017

 Industrial Internet Summit (Chengdu, China) opened in Chengdu on June 15, 2017. The Summit, themed on "Intelligence Creates Value, Collaboration Innovates Future" focused on the status and trends of industrial Internet development, explored the development model of China's industrial Internet, and shared practical experience in intelligence manufacturing and industrial big data.

  Industrial Internet is a global industrial innovation carrier that integrates Internet technology, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology, with big data collection and mining technology. In the opening ceremony, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation unveiled an industrial Internet cloud platform—INDICS (Industrial Intelligent Cloud System). The platform suits corporations at different levels and of various types and size, and can make manufacturing management more convenient and efficient, serving as a complete security system for industrial Internet. Then, the unveiling ceremony of "National Engineering Laboratory of Industrial Big Data Application Technology" was held, marking its settlement in Chengdu. The laboratory is currently China's only institution supporting industrial big data research and industrialization. In the afternoon, four sub-forums, themed on intelligent factories, industrial big data, military and civilian integration, and win-win cooperation respectively, were also held simultaneously.


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