Contracts Signed for 64 Projects Totaling 37.718 Billion Yuan at 17th OHTC

Chengdu Daily |  release time:September 12th,2018

    On September 11, 2018, the 17th OHTC Overseas Talents Recruitment & Project Cooperation Signing Ceremony was held, with contracts signed for 64 projects that amounted to RMB37.718 billion in contract value. A raft of distinguished projects including the 139 prize-winning projects at the 4th OHTC Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Global Overseas Hi-tech and High Talents are currently and eagerly in talks with locations such as Chengdu, Luzhou, Neijiang and Meishan, with hopes of establishing their presence in Sichuan.

    After preliminary matchmaking, this edition of the OHTC galvanized human resources recruitment agreements between 563 overseas talents and 179 institutions of higher education, scientific research institutes, key enterprises and industrial parks within Sichuan Province, a rise of 37% compared with 2017. Of which, there were 474 doctoral degree-holders, or 84% of total; there were 62 that came to Sichuan for start-up endeavors, 392 that came to Sichuan for full-time employment and 109 that came to Sichuan for short-term services or to start cooperation; there were 173 that found employment with institutions of higher education, scientific research institutes and medical care organizations, and 390 found employment with enterprises.

第十七届“海科会”签约项目64个 金额达377.18亿元.jpg

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