2018 China Petroleum and Chemical International Conference Opens in Chengdu Today

Chengdu Daily |  release time:September 11th,2018

   The 2018 (9th) China Petroleum and Chemical International Conference, sponsored jointly by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, United Nations Environment Programme and International Council of Chemical Association, will take place in Chengdu between September 11 and 13, 2018,

   The conference will be comprised of a multitude of high-caliber events including its Plenary Session and Global Petroleum and Chemical Leaders' Forum, ICCA-UN Environment - CPCIF Symposium on Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste and the Circular Economy, China-Japan Chemical Industry Convention (CJCIC) Plenary Session, CJCIC Themed Session: Climate Change and Chemical Industry, Intelligence Promotes Chemical Safety and Emergency Management Forum, Green Mobility: Solutions to Cleaner, Lighter and More Energy Saving Automobile, Market Session 1: Global O&G and Petrochemical Outlook, International Production Capacity Cooperation Plenary Session, CEO Roundtable Meeting and Mayors' Forum: Competing for Chemical Cluster, among other heavyweight programs. The vent will attract some 1,600 elites from the petroleum and chemical sector, over 130 professional speakers and guests from around the world and mayors of more than 20 key cities in the petroleum and chemical industry. The attendees will discuss future outlooks as the petroleum and chemical industry enters a new era filled with new opportunities, and deliberate on how to embrace new challenges in the future.

   Since inception, the China Petroleum and Chemical International Conference has been successfully hosted for eight straight sessions. The CPCIC is one of the bigger events in the Chinese petroleum and chemical industry and is profoundly influential, having contributed immensely to the deepening of exchanges and joint improvement in the petroleum and chemical sector.


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