Sichuan and Fangchenggang of Guangxi Signs Cooperation Contract

Chengdu Economic Daily |  release time:September 19th,2018

    On September 4, 2018, the2018 Guangxi Fangchenggang City Southbound Channel Investment Project (Chengdu) Promotion Conferenceofficially took place. For this promo conference, the city of Fanggangcheng of Guangxi Province arrived in Sichuan with 86 business- and investment-seeking projects to Sichuan, encompassing seven fields such as modern logistics, seaside tourism, port-related industries and large-scale specialty markets. Contracts for 14 cooperation projects involving areas such as city development, logistics and transportation, tourism and industry were signed at the conference, which will engender higher quality daily life experiences for citizens of the two sides. 

    Other than the 14 collaboration projects stated above, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce and Fanggangcheng Municipal People’s Government of Guangxi Province also signed a three-years action plan about the acceleration of promotion of bilateral opened cooperative strategic projects. According to the plan, within three years, the two sides will have basically constructed a new bilateral maritime-land international trade channel between Sichuan and ASEAN, which will boast the shortest time, optimal prices and best services. At the same time, the two parties will also discuss about setting up a comprehensive bonded zone, formulating a cooperation mechanism for the construction of an enclave economic and technological development zone, and guiding Sichuan’s competitive enterprises and Fanggangcheng city’s state-owned platform companies to jointly build and operate the Fanggangcheng Municipal Bonded Logistics Center (Type B).

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