Chengdu Riyue Avenue Test Drive for 9 Minutes Quick Access to Chengdu-Wenjiang-Qionglai Expressway

Chengdu Daily |  release time:September 5th,2018

On September 1, 2018, the main road of Chengdu Riyue Avenue was opened to traffic test. The new Riyue Avenue is designed with a two-way 12-lane construction of "main road + service road" without traffic lights. It takes only about 9 minutes to drive from Supo Flyover to the Chengdu-Wenjiang-Qionglai Expressway Wenjiachang toll station as compared to the past 30 minutes.

During the test run, the main road of Riyue Avenue sets a speed limit of 60km/h and the service road sets a speed limit of 40km/h. Trucks (including new energy trucks) are prohibited on the main road. Only the ramp for the exit-city on the Supo Flyover to turn onto the Third Ring Road is closed due to construction. All other 6 ramps are opened for service with the opening of the avenue.


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