New Economic Enterprise from Chengdu Listed on "China's 50 Most Innovative Companies"

Chengdu Daily  |  release time:June 20th,2018

   On June 19, 2018, Forbes China released the list of China's 50 Most Innovative Companies and Chengdu's new economic enterprise 23mofang made it onto the list. Relevant person in charge at Forbes China indicated that under the macro backdrop of the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese economy, the publisher hopes this list can unveil enterprises that drive industrial development or substantially impact industrial advancement. Fresh Hema, Xiaohongshu, Xiaomi Technology, Alibaba Cloud, iQiyi and other household name enterprises were also named. 

   23mofang was among the most innovative enterprises in the medical care and health category, along side We Doctor, Huiyi Huiying, Ping An Good Doctor and DXY. Analysis from the list expressed that most innovations in the medical care market mainly focus on model innovation that serve both patients and doctors, with resource consolidation and technology commercialization being the two predominant formats.


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